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Production of crushing and separating radiator (water tank)
Bd-t1500 radiator (water tank) recovery production line is a new type of environmental protection radiator (water tank) recovery equipment newly developed by our company. Our equipment mainly includes crusher conveyor crusher magnetic separation drum air separation suction fan pulse dust removal.

The company adopts environmental protection crusher and crusher to effectively decompose copper, aluminum and iron. The production line has novel structure, unique layout, convenient installation and simple operation. The production capacity is large and power consumption is small: the machine can be used for feeding at one time and completed in coordination with multiple machines. The whole production line is controlled by PLC to make the production line work stably. The machine uses a strong magnetic drum iron suction machine, the effective separation efficiency reaches 97-99% of the iron, and the separation effect of copper and aluminum is achieved

The successful development of the machine not only improves the quality of copper recovery, but also prevents secondary pollution. The production line smashes the waste radiator (water tank) to separate the mixture of metal and non-metal, and then separates copper from iron and aluminum by magnetic separation drum. In order to prevent dust pollution in the process of processing, pulse dedusting device is added after the air flow separation process. The dedusting device has three stages: cyclone dedusting, bag dedusting and air purifier dedusting, which effectively solves the problem of dust pollution. No additives, no water and no chemicals are needed during processing. There is no secondary pollution in the whole production process, and all indicators are up to the national standard.
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